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Christmas Lunch Rides

A happy group

Cast your mind back several months and recall those lovely meals you enjoyed with your cycling pals. Here are a few reminders. Firstly there was the Sunday All Day Riders’ annual Christmas lunch at the Blue Ship. And then there was the Guildford and Godalming Wayfarers’ Christmas lunch at the Parrott….  

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Sunday All-Day Riders ~ 14 August Ride

Some fabulous August weather saw a small group of us heading out to Lasham aerodrome for coffee, followed by lunch at The Good Life at Headbourne Worthy, near Winchester, and we even enjoyed yet more cake on the way home at Selbourne. Is there really a better way to spend a mid-summer Sunday!

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Snowdrops in Mud

And so it came to pass that he who hates the cold – your scribe no less – found on waking that it was not cold; plus he needed to ride because he hadn’t since those heady, warm pre-Xmas days (how memories of rain soaked rides fade!); plus, the ride began at Godalming Station – oh joy! Present at Godalming were Clive, Nick, Martin and Heidi, and Chris B. It wasn’t much of a day for photographs, but it turned out to be a great day for chatting – well I thought so anyway – so there was plenty of that. It must have been a good day for hills too, although Clive was somewhat co-erced into climbing the dreaded Bexley Hill, because there was no one present who wasn’t up for it – there definitely must have been something in the air today. By gum, what a grovel, but,

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Sunday 20 December 2015 – the Lash-Down from Lasham Ride

Following the JW Epic / Christmas Lunch ride of last Sunday, out of which I funked owing to…. well, lots of things really (but not a sense of foreboding – I am no soothsayer sadly), a sense of duty urged me to turn up for today’s ride, not to mention the proximity of the start to my domicile. Under lowering skies and temperatures more akin to Gaza than Godalming, we set off by climbing the dreaded Holloway Hill before joining what I call my regular training ride – I do it at least once every two years: Enton (Water Lane) – Witley (Church Lane) – over the A286, but not before managing to fall off grace à M. Hackman, but entirely my fault for being so close as to be half-wheeling him; then he slowed and swerved somewhat abruptly; that’ll teach me! Once over the 286 it was my favourite

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Guildford & Godalming Wayfarers Ride ~ 19 October 2014

It would have been difficult to find an excuse not to get out today. Mid-October and it’s shorts and short sleeves mode still – wonderful! That said, there was plenty of water around and care was needed on slippery roads. Nevertheless, the countryside was looking quite wonderful even though light levels were low, leading to some pretty fuzzy photos. People out were Peter the leader, another Peter, Geoff, Hilary, Chris Jeggo and Roger; then at the Rural Life Centre cafe, we found Sue, Angela and David. People went in various directions after coffee and giant slabs of fruit cake. After intending to go one way, I ended up going another and so endured the climb up Beacon Hill Road to Hindhead, to be rewarded by that lovely descent round the Punchbowl and down to Brook. A fabulous half day ride -only about 47kms in my case but just right; hope

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The Bicycle Icycle 2014

The ride, which took place on Sunday 6 April, attracted 7 people (including the organiser and your scribe), five of whom were West Surrey riders. These were Claire Hooper, Peter Hackman, Clive Richardson, Chris Boggon and a friend of his, Andrew Grundy from Tadworth; and finally Trevor Strudwick, who used to be one of us but moved to south Wales a few years back. Trevor was here to remind himself how grotty and awful our local lanes can be; he was not to be disappointed!   The forecast was poor and it rained gently on the morning of the ride, leading up to the start. In fact, although most wore waterproofs during the ride, what rain there was was light. The weather could best be described as mild and dank. A thick mist surrounded Leith Hill and the higher parts of the Surrey Hills. It was not the kind of

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