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    Chris Juden

    As many of us are painfully aware, the South Downs present something of an obstacle to southerly progress by bike, rendered all the more irksome by the fact that all the ‘easy’ crossings are literally ‘taken’ by lethally busy and fast main roads. One of the easiest is the gap in which nestles the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, complete with cafe and cycle routes, but nethertheless denied to through cycle traffic by that virtual motorway: the A3. I admit, I have cycled that way, but it was HORRIBLE, even in the downhill direction. And such has it been for at least thirty years.

    At long last, in the last two years anyway (how it takes so long I shall never appreciate), work has been going on to create a path for bicycles, adjacent to the A3, through this lovely leg-saving gap. I’ve just heard that this path has now been completed, and there is to be a grand opening ceremony on Friday 18th November, all cyclists welcome.

    If you’ld like to attend, the rendezvous is 10:10 Petersfield Station (to coincide with the arrival of a train from London) for a mass ride along the new path up to QECP, where there is to be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:00.

    Actual departure from Petersfield is planned to be 10:30, but I reckon that’s cutting things (apart from the ribbon) rather fine, given that this easy gap through the Downs nevertheless involves a climb of some 100m in 7km, which by my reckoning should take a ‘level 2’ rider the full 30 minutes, which leaves absolutely nothing for the likelihood that some of those taking part may not be up to our level 2, plus the usual business of ‘herding cats’ when conducting a random bunch of riders! So I hope they’ll try to get the slow-looking ones away no later than 10:15 and will aim to get there no later than that.

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