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    Mark Waters

    Firstly, I’d better say that the opinions stated below are my own and are not those of the Committee, of which I am Chairman, that runs West Surrey CTC.

    I sympathise with those members who avoid social media like Facebook and Twitter like the plague. It does have its uses, however, principally because by using it, current affairs which may affect us can be brought to our attention very quickly. Moreover, we get the chance to respond. What you may not be aware of is that

    (a) It’s as easy to remove yourself from Facebook as it is to sign up to it.
    (b) It need not lead to any unwanted emails whatsoever – you just say no to ‘notifications’ – easily done!
    (c) If you don’t accept any ‘friend requests’ nobody need know that you’re there, so you’re not bugged by people posting stuff you really don’t want to see.

    If I’ve persuaded you not to be afraid of ‘dipping your toe in to test the waters’, then do take a look at the following link in order to learn rather too much about what your preferred cycling club is doing for you.

    Just to bring members of West Surrey CTC up to date with developments, owing to a leak, it has been revealed that CTC’s name is going to officially change in April. Following on from a series of radical changes to our club, to many this is the last straw. It’s not so much that we have strong objections to the direction a tiny minority in authority want the club to take; it’s the way that it’s been done, effectively without any consultation of the members. Some of the blandishments that the bigwigs have been putting out are insulting to any half-intelligent person and I invite you to see for yourselves what they have written: a couple of recent postings to the above Facebook page will give you a good idea as to what’s been going on.

    It’s a truism to state that all we really want is to be allowed to ride our bikes in the company of our friends, but if the ideology and heritage of the Cyclists’ Touring Club means anything whatsoever to you, then you, like me, will be insulted by recent activities by Council and the CEO and will want to make your feelings felt. Make no mistake, the powers that be will continue to ride roughshod over the membership of this venerable club in a bid to achieve their own ends unless we do something about it.

    Members are resigning in droves, member groups are choosing to become simply affiliated to CTC and my belief is that they wouldn’t be doing this if there was an alternative relevant organisation to affiliate to, and efforts are getting off the ground to create such an organisation, so watch this space.

    Finally, if there are still people who wouldn’t look at Facebook even if their life depended on it, I should be most happy to post up here some selected highlights from the ‘Where Should CTC be going? page. Just ask and I’ll do it.

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