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Ride Leader Advice

Planning a ride

Check route beforehand – planned roadworks and interruptions can be seen on this website 

You can download previous rides as TCX files from the  Dropbox link.

Take a guest entry form.

Print out an attendance form to be filled in at the start of the ride.  Contact Laurie Mutch to be given access details for the latest version.

You can let the Group know of last minute changes by using the WhatsApp groups, by sending an email to the relevant Google Group  and by posting a ‘Newsflash’ item to the website. For details of how to do this please contact the Webmaster .

After the Ride

Scan or photograph the Attendance form and send to the Secretary

If you were involved in a traffic incident you can report it here Online form (Surrey), Online Form (Sussex),

You can report potholes in Surrey here or use FILL That Hole website



Documents ride leaders need to read

From your Rides Secretary:

Other useful documents for ride leaders

How to notify riders of last minute changes  **

Any last minutes changes to a planned ride due to weather conditions,  ride leader availability, etc?.  The new website now allows selected Group leaders/ride leaders to communicate this information to:

  1. the whole club using the “Latest News” caption located on the front page of the website, and/or
  2. members pre-registered on specific riding groups (see Information for Riders).

**  Please contact the Webmaster to ensure you are pre-authorised to do this.

Here is the procedure to follow:

To post an entry on the website “Latest News”:

Send an email to the website with the title of the announcement as the header and the body of the email as the announcement itself. Do not add a signature or any other text at the bottom of the email. Limit your email to a total of 30 words otherwise it will not all be visible on the front page.

For the website email address please contact the Webmaster .

To send an email to a specific riding group:

‘Google Groups ‘have been set up for each of the Ride Groups to enable members o easy send an email to a whole Ride Group at once. If you wish to do this please email the webmaster for details.

Tools for your ride planning

You will find in this website many very useful tools for your ride planning, such as coffee and pub stops, route planning websites or GPX downloads of known scenic routes,.   We seek to continually build our website database so don’t be shy to send us your latest find. Please contact our Webmaster.

Aggressive or dangerous motorists?

After the fact: report anti-social driving by calling 101 anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland; available 24/7. If we provide the police with accurate information from multiple individuals, not in or on the same vehicle, the police can take action. This can range from a letter or a knock on the door to court appearance and prosecution with 9 penalty points without serious injury having to happen.

You may also report anti-social driving by email. If possible support with video or photos, which:

•       Ideally need to be deposited with the police within 24hrs

•       Original files must be retained

•       Submissions should if possible include at least two minutes of footage before and after the incident: this is because drivers will often claim you were riding badly before and after

•       The video must not be shared publicly to avoid prejudicing a potential jury

•       Supporting evidence statements from independent witnesses are helpful: although statements from your fellow cyclists are helpful, ideally these should be persons not connected to you

•       You must be willing to attend court if there is a prosecution

For Surrey:  use the the Online form at www.drivesmartsurrey.org.uk.

For Sussex:  http://www.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk/operation-crackdown.html

For London:  http://www.met.police.uk/roadsafelondon/

Please support the national CTC Road Justice Campaign by further reporting to http://www.roadjustice.org.uk/report

Pot Holes

Report them using: https://www9.surreycc.gov.uk/highwayproblem/  or via the CUK phone app https://www.fillthathole.org.uk/ Reporting does work.