A little more about us…

We organise cycle rides of different lengths and different speeds, so there’s a good chance that there will be one that will suit your level of fitness -or lack of it! We’re into leisure cycling in this club, not riding or looking like we’re in the Tour de France!

Even if you’re not a member, you can come along on one of our rides to see how you like riding with us. Just let the ride leader know you’re new when you turn up or, better still, give him / her a call beforehand. If you’re not used to riding in a group, we’ll help you quickly to get used to it. If you enjoy the experience and decide to come out with us on a regular basis, we’ll ask you to consider joining the club. Membership offers many benefits – you can take a look at these by scrolling further down this page.

Our rides usually take place on a Sunday or a Wednesday and take the form of day or half day rides, starting between 9.00 and 10.00am. We meet at a variety of locations in our area and take advantage of quiet lanes wherever possible. We usually stop for coffee mid-morning and longer rides then stop for lunch, often at a pleasant country pub (or you can bring your own food if you prefer). In the afternoon we usually stop at a café or garden centre for tea and cakes.

Please see this page for a more detailed description of our Riding Groups, and the distances and speeds they normally ride at. The Start points can be seen on this page.

As well as our weekly rides programme, we also organise a series of annual cycling events, as well as the occasional cycle tour further afield and an annual dinner. Our speaker at the 2014 dinner was well known world tourer and author, Josie Dew, who lives locally and is a Vice-President of CTC.

By joining West Surrey CTC, you will become part of Cycling UK, the National Cycling Charity, which is a nationwide club with over 70,000 members and affiliates worldwide. As a member you receive automatic third party insurance, which means that should you be involved in an accident while out riding, you are covered to the tune of £10 million should someone decide it’s your fault. In this day and age, it makes good sense to be insured and with Cycling UK, you are!

Do feel free to contact the Club Secretary or one of the Ride Leaders for more information. To join Cycling UK, click on this link to be taken to the joining page on their website.

Once you’ve joined Cycling UK, you can also then sign up to receive email announcements from our West Surrey CTC site; such as Latest News, Blog posts or register on a Ride Group’s list.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re female, you’re particularly welcome; although we have a good number of ladies in our various groups, they still tend to be outnumbered by the guys!

if you are thinking of coming along, please read the short text on How we Ride, which also includes our Ride Guidelines, then check our Calendar for the start locations, (or download the Rides list from here) and just come along, or ring one of our Ride Leaders.

Could you also please print off the Guest Registration Form, fill it in and bring it along. If you forget, don’t worry as the Group Ride Leaders always carry copies!