West Surrey Cycling Club Qualified First Aiders

The following 21 members are the qualified and registered First Aiders in the club

NameDate registered (valid for 3 years)
John Child08/12/18
Robert Clarke08/12/18
Andy Craig30/03/19
Nick Davison30/03/19
Peter Fennemore08/12/18
Phil Gasson08/12/18
Peter Hackman08/12/18
Peter Hathaway08/12/18
Paul Herber30/03/19
Sue Herber08/12/18
Chris Jeggo08/12/18
Keith Lightfoot30/03/19
Bob McLeod08/12/18
Laurie Mutch30/03/19
Leonie Onslow30/03/19
Roger Philo30/03/19
Ian Pickering08/12/18
Derek Ridyard30/03/19
Keith Stainer30/03/19
Alison Warren30/03/19
Chris Williamson30/03/19