We have groups to suit various abilities. More information about the various groups can be found by looking at their individual pages. You can also get in touch with the group co-ordinator, details here. The Calendar has details of all the forthcoming rides for  all the Ride Groups.

Please note as from 1 July the Group Classifications have changed:

  • Group 2  was formally ‘Easy’
  • Group 3 was formally ‘Intermediates’
  • Group 4 was formally ‘Fast’

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Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Steady and Relaxed
Real Exercise
Gentle exercise for irregular or social riders, or perhaps experienced riders who no longer wish to exert themselves excessively A relaxed pace, for regular riders who are prepared to cover some distance, and not afraid of the odd hill; can be half or full dayFor generally experienced riders, can visit the best areas of the Surrey hills, so climbing involved; can be half or full dayQuick and sometimes long rides for the experienced and fit rider
General Pace and Length (see specific ride for more precise information)
c. 8 m.p.h., but will match pace of slowest rider; 15 – 25 miles, no major hills Steady ride of 30/50 miles, 10 – 13 m.p.h., to coffee and lunch, can include some hills 12 – 15 m.p.h., max 75 miles, less in winter with shorter days14 m.p.h. plus, could be long ride of 90 miles or so, or shorter sharper ride
1st Thursday of each month
Flat ride along Basingstoke Canal, primarily intended for “mature” riders who enjoy good company and gentle exercise
Midweek Wayfarers
Every Wednesday, common start point and coffee stop for all groups unless otherwise stated in Rides List
Group 2
Steady ride of 30/50 miles, 10 – 13 m.p.h., to coffee and lunch, can include some hills
Group 3
Experience generally required to maintain 12 – 14 m.p.h. for 40/60 miles, with stops for coffee and lunch, could well be hilly
Group 4
Just a touch quicker than a level 3, 13 – 15 m.p.h., 45/65 miles, more likely to seek out rather than avoid hills; stops for coffee and lunch
Farnham Wayfarers
1st Wednesday of each month, always starts from Farnham
Steady ride of 40/45 miles, 10 – 12 m.p.h., stops for coffee and lunch to break up ride
Sunset FreewheelersFortnightly on Tuesdays, starting from Godalming, 20-25 miles at 11 – 13 MPH, with pub stop at the end. Summer only: 13 May to 19 Aug 2014
Woking Sunday Riders Every Sunday. Steady morning ride from Woking, of 25-30 miles with coffee stop; 8-10mph.
Suitable for all.
Sunday All Day Intermediates Monthly, 4th Sunday, various start points, a nice steady pace for an average rider, 45 – 50 miles at 11 – 13 m.p.h., up to about 1000m of climb. Stops for coffee and lunch to refuel, plus tea during some longer summer rides.
Sunday All Day Riders
For the energetic rider who enjoys being out all day, can maintain a pace of over 14 m.p.h. even if hilly, and has the energy to complete 90 miles or so if needed
Farnham Wayfarers Monthly 3rd Sunday, Nice gentle ride of 18 – 25 miles at c. 8 m.p.h., can include some tracks but still suitable for road bikes; stop for coffee (and cake)Monthly, 2nd Sunday. Steady ride of c. 40 miles at about 10 m.p.h., with a stop for a pub lunch; nice and relaxed
Guildford & Godalming Wayfarers
Fortnightly 1st and 3rd Sundays, alternating starts from Guildford and Godalming. 25 – 30 miles in the morning at 11 – 13 m.p.h., with coffee stop, but may decide on the day to extend into the afternoon.
Overview of all Rides and Groups 5 January, 2014