This is the a new Calendar. Amongst other benefits, those who use a smartphone, or a calendar on their PC, will be able to synchronise it with the Ride Group Calendars. Once synced, they will always be up to date with latest ride information.
You are also recommended to subscribe to the Special Events calendar  so you are always up to date with special events like the Annual dinner, Stonehenge ride, Tour of the Hills etc..See here to see instructions how to install the Rides calendars on your phone.

Abbreviations:  TA – Train Assisted rides starting from or close to a railway station,  EG = Evergreens, GGW = Guildford & Godalming Wayfarers, SADR= Sunday All Day Riders, SF= Sunset Freewheelers, FW= Farnham Wayfarers, MW= Midweek Wayfarers, WSR= Woking Sunday Riders, SADI= Sunday All Day Intermediates.

See the Ride Groups page for a more detailed description of the Ride Groups.

Rides calendar 20 December, 2013