The 100 & 75 Mile Reliability Rides 2015

                            The 2015 Reliability Ride took place on the 19th July with the following characters being found to be (more or less) fully reliable: 100 Miles: Peter Hackman, Mark Heal, Clive Richardson, Dane Maslen, Martin Vinson and Mark Waters 75 Miles: Bob McLeod, Alan Ince & Chris Boggon As a result of a most unfortunate set of circumstances, Aiden Gill got separated from his companions and then suffered a GPS malfunction resulting in him taking a wrong turning. By the time he worked out where he was, he decided to head directly home rather than work his way back to the route and plod on alone: sensible chap! The weather couldn’t really have been better and it was altogether a most enjoyable day (however, see bottom para). The route is superb and the new start / finish

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