Christmas Lunch Rides

A happy group

Cast your mind back several months and recall those lovely meals you enjoyed with your cycling pals. Here are a few reminders. Firstly there was the Sunday All Day Riders’ annual Christmas lunch at the Blue Ship. And then there was the Guildford and Godalming Wayfarers’ Christmas lunch at the Parrott….  

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Snowdrops in Mud

And so it came to pass that he who hates the cold – your scribe no less – found on waking that it was not cold; plus he needed to ride because he hadn’t since those heady, warm pre-Xmas days (how memories of rain soaked rides fade!); plus, the ride began at Godalming Station – oh joy! Present at Godalming were Clive, Nick, Martin and Heidi, and Chris B. It wasn’t much of a day for photographs, but it turned out to be a great day for chatting – well I thought so anyway – so there was plenty of that. It must have been a good day for hills too, although Clive was somewhat co-erced into climbing the dreaded Bexley Hill, because there was no one present who wasn’t up for it – there definitely must have been something in the air today. By gum, what a grovel, but,

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Sunday All-Day Riders ~ 7 December 2014

Yesterday, we all woke to a cold and frosty morning, but this morning we woke to an altogether warmer day, so there was absolutely no excuse not to get out and ride – particularly since the ride started just down the road at Godalming Station. So where was everyone – with the G&G Wayfarers indulging themselves at their Christmas lunch? Anyway, there were just two of us joining leader Clive at 9am, myself and Keith Gooders, who described himself as an ‘occasional’ rider with us. Well, Keith, just try and make it just a bit less occasional, if you please – it was great riding with you! My somewhat tardy start caused me to leave my satnav behind, so I’m relying on Keith to send me his track which will be added to this blog later (which he did, and it is). Essentially we headed south via Wormley and Lodsworth to Midhurst for

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