Some simple instructions for using Ride with GPS:

  1. As a new user you will need to register and get a password. You may choose to make a small donation. The basic software option is ample for our needs.
  2. Sign in with your email address and password
  3. Click Plan
  4. Put in your start location in “Jump to a location”
  5. Click “Optimise for Cycling”
  6. Complete the route in the normal way by click on the chosen roads / paths.
  7. “Save” the route – this saves the route in the Cloud – it’s not yet on your computer (see below). There are a number of questions that you need to respond to (e.g. name of route, cycling, normal pavement, public)
  8. Having saved a number of routes (e.g. to coffee, to lunch and then home), click on Routes – all your saved routes will appear with an option to View, Edit or Delete
  9. Click on View (unless you want to Edit)
  10. Click on Export
  11. Choose TCX option
  12. At the bottom of the screen click the arrow next to Save and select Save As
  13. Save the route in a unique folder on your computer
  14. Repeat as required for all 3 routes
  15. Connect your GPS and using the Computer option in Explorer open up the folders on the GPS. Within the folder Garmin is a sub-folder named “Newfiles”
  16. Copy over the 3 routes saved above to the Newfiles folder on the GPS
  17. Safely disconnect the GPS
  18. Fire up the GPS and you will find the routes in the normal way.